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Magento's open-source e-commerce platform was officially updated to version 1.5.1 today following a few months of development since version 1.4.2 was released in December 2010. The most exciting improvements include support for media storage on CDNs/databases,  improved order status management, built-in gift message field during checkout, improved import/export functionality, support for a new payment methods, and Magento Mobile v20. Over one hundred bugs were also fixed since 1.4.2. Head over to the release notes page to see more details, or the


The hotly anticipated version 7 of Drupal Content Management System is scheduled to be released on Jan 5th of the New Year! With over two and a half years of painstaking, dedicated development time by its community, Drupal 7 is slated to be a revolutionary platform for all types of web projects and all types of users. Drupal is a free, community-built framework for easily building and managing websites. Users of all levels are able to fully


Magento released its Quarterly Magento Momentum Report on Friday, outlining several impressive figures of Magento's rapid growth in the e-commerce space. Although we've seen first-hand the impact of Magento's success on e-commerce, it's great to see the company decorate its most impressive feats in the press release. We’ve outlined some key statistics that make us the extra proud to be


Although U.S. online retail sales slowed in 2008-09, forecasts by eMarketer are estimating a much healthier business environment in the next few years. eMarketer's March 2010 report estimates that 2010 U.S. e-commerce sales (excluding travel) will be close to $152 billion. Including travel sales, this figured increases by $92.5 billion, for a total of a whopping $244.5 billion. This is exciting news for companies looking