Online Retail Sales Grow Despite Bad Economy


Online Retail Sales Growth

Although U.S. online retail sales slowed in 2008-09, forecasts by eMarketer are estimating a much healthier business environment in the next few years.

eMarketer’s March 2010 report estimates that 2010 U.S. e-commerce sales (excluding travel) will be close to $152 billion. Including travel sales, this figured increases by $92.5 billion, for a total of a whopping $244.5 billion.

This is exciting news for companies looking grow into the online channel. Not only are barriers of entry being reduced, but consumers are continually showing their confidence and trust in purchasing online. And as newer generations of consumers replace their older counterparts, the rates of social, mobile, and common online retail sales will only continue to increase.

For more information on the market research, consider purchasing eMarketer’s 14 page report.

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