Magento 1.6 Released

There’s exciting news for all Magento Community Edition users today – version 1.6 of Magento’s open source e-commerce platform has been released.

As with major releases, there are nearly three hundred bug fixes in this latest edition in addition to a few new features and improvements. The two highlights include native support for MAP and persistent shopping cart. The latter essentially means that a user’s shopping session is saved regardless of their browser or hardware (PC, mobile, etc). See the full list over at the Release Notes page.

Please note that there are some known issues with the release, including one that is of particular relevance to many of our clients: Fedex Ground shipping labels are printing incorrect tracking numbers.

We highly recommend this upgrade for users of Magento 1.4.x as the new platform fixes numerous security and performance issues since 1.4 was released over a year ago. Be sure to make the upgrade and thoroughly test in a development environment before moving to your production version!

Interested in upgrading to 1.6? Drop us a line and we’ll be glad to provide a quote.

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