Haven’t Updated WordPress Lately? You May Hear From Google


WP LogoUsers of older WordPress versions may be receiving e-mails from Google urging them to upgrade to the latest version of the popular blogging CMS. Google announced this notification service back in 2009 on the Google Webmaster Tool’s blog, but it was mostly pushed aside until last year’s WordPress 3.0 update.

Spammers and malicious software coders have taken full advantage of many older WordPress versions. The popularity of the CMS has made it a prime target for a variety of exploits, creating a never-ending battle between the development community and those looking to crack it.

Upgrading your content management software to its most recent version is extremely important for website and server security. Although it’s sometimes a tedious, frustrating process, the protection against malicious attacks and spam that software and plugin updates provide should not be overlooked. WordPress and other CMS platforms have made it easy to update plugins and core functionality through the administrative interface; the issues normally arise with plugin and theme incompatibility rather than the update process itself.

Through this notification service, Google provides site owners with useful information that should be heeded immediately to prevent the headaches from being spammed. It’s also a win-win for Google since this effort improves search engine page results by helping site owners “clean up” their compromised WordPress sites.

If you’re a WordPress site administrator, head over to the WordPress codex to learn more about updating your site immediately.

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